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Year : 1937                 Engine Size : 289 V8

Make : Cord              VIN : 32411S

Model : 812 Super Charge

Transmission: 4 Speed Manual

Exterior :  Silver

Price: 159,000

“Cord's cars are among the most influential American cars ever built, and while not common or found for sale very often, offer a unique alternative to the more traditional classics built by the Big Three and the other independent manufacturers.” – Hemmings Motor News, November 2005

The Simeon Car Museum noted: “In 1937 the supercharged Cord was just about the only stock performance car one could purchase. Auburn had already gone out of business and the other car manufacturers were making rather staid conventional models for general use. In this milieu, the dramatic Gordon Buehrig design stood out as a symbol of sport and style. To capitalize on that power and to set stock car records, which it could do with its increased horsepower and modern features, a supercharged Cord sedan went to the Bonneville Salt Flats to compete in the American Automobile Association “Unlimited Class Official Stock Car Speed Records."

Offered here is a museum-quality 1937 Cord 812 Supercharged in metallic silver over navy. Showing 74,262 miles currently, the car has traveled fewer than 900 miles per-year on average since new. The car's condition is, in a word, stunning. A first-prize winner at the Classic Car Club of America's National Competition, it is certain to be the star of any collection.

The exterior silver paint is in excellent condition, free of noteworthy wear and retaining excellent gloss across the Cord's beautifully curvaceous body panels. Rear-hinged front doors (and front-hinged rear doors), split windshield (with top-mounted wipers) and rear window, teardrop fenders, and hidden headlights are all part of the classic Cord good looks. (To best assess the quality of the paint and trim finishes, please be sure to view the close-up photographs of the car in the accompanying gallery.) Chrome bumpers, bespoke front grille, body and glass trim, twin side mirrors and door handles, and not least, the curved exhaust tubes exiting the sides of the hood, all show extremely well. Badging includes the front, 3-heart, Cord family crest in colorful porcelain. Cabin glass and all lighting lenses are clear and uncracked. Navy-blue steel wheels with chrome, 12-hole wheel covers are mounted with period-correct wide-whitewall tires.

Like the exterior, every aspect of the Cord's interior is noteworthy for its beautiful design and exceptional current condition. The blue dashboard with turned-metal trim, unique switchgear (including turn-cranks to operate the hidden headlights), gated, column-mounted 4-speed manual shifter, blue 3-spoke steering wheel (with Cord's Y-design center), and analog instruments (each one a work of automotive art) make quite an impression. Soft navy-blue fabric in a classic vertically pleated design covers the seats and door panels; blue carpeting covers the floors; and a blue headliner with white piping adds a special touch. (Please view the close-up photography in the gallery to assess the remarkable and original condition of the Cord's various interior surfaces.)

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